Anilingus: How Safe is it Compared to Traditional and Oral Sex?

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Anal sex is, like seemingly every other alternative sexual act, on the rise, even as the practice continues to be looked at as a taboo by many people. There is more to anal sex than just being penetrated in your backside though. Anilingus – colloquially known…

Itchy Groin? Learn more about Folliculitis

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It happens at the most random moments when you least expect. You could be alone in the office, driving, or even at a business meeting pitching that sales proposal to your investors. It is not painful, yet wildly uncomfortable. The itch in the groin area is…

Incredible Health Benefits of Sex

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Most people view sex as just an activity carried out for pleasuring each other. What they fail to realize is there are many other benefits that can be brought about by a healthy sexual activity. Healthy sex will leave you not just emotionally or psychologically…

5 Aphrodisiacs You Can Use to Boost Your Sexual Drive and Performance

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A lot of food products have been known to be splendid in providing ingredients that are essential for proper functioning of the body. This functioning ranges from the normal heart functioning and brain activity to even sexual performance.

In this article,…