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Sildalis is an innovative drug that combines two powerful active substances—Sildenafil citrate and tadalafil, which are used in the production of Viagra and Cialis.

The drug combines two active substances—Sildenafil (100 mg) and tadalafil (20 mg).

Sildenafil immediately penetrates the blood and moves towards the pelvic organs. Due to Sildenafil, blood pressure increases, and it leads to a firm erection.

Tadalafil: inhibitor of the 5th type, its main property is the suppression of PDE. In turn, it also impacts the blood supply system. As a result—you get an instant, powerful, and long erection during excitation.


The maximum dose is 120 mg, but the dosage should be selected individually, dividing the pill along with the lines into parts. Sildalis is taken with or without food and washed down with water. However, fatty foods can delay the onset of the expected result. Alcohol should be excluded. You should start initially with ½ dose; the pill can easily be broken down the line on the part. If the specified volume is insufficient to achieve a stable erection, the dose can be gradually increased. The drug begins to act after half an hour and acts within 36 hours, which allows you to make an unlimited number of sexual contacts. The interval between doses of pills is 24 hours.


Before starting therapy with Sildalis, we recommend you read the manufacturer’s instructions and consult with your doctor.

The pills are taken orally. You should use Sildalis at least an hour before sex so that the drug has time to dissolve and integrate completely. It is not recommended to use the drug with grapefruit juice or food with high-fat content, as these products slow down the absorption of the drug and the onset of therapeutic effect. One pill acts in the range of 36 hours, but the time between doses should not be less than 24 hours. Sildalis pills can be divided into parts, as the drug contains the maximum dosage of Viagra and Sildalis.


The drug is contraindicated in case of intolerance to tadalafil. It is forbidden to take Sildalis in the treatment of impotence with other similar drugs.

If the recommended dosages are observed, the stimulator will be well tolerated. Overdose and the use of the drug with alcohol increase the risk of adverse reactions: hyperemia of the skin, allergic rhinitis, headache, nausea, dyspepsia, dizziness, temporary visual impairment. The side effects usually go away quickly. If they last for several hours and have a pronounced character, you need to see a doctor.


The drug has high efficiency, speed of action, and ease of reception.

There are controversial discussions between patients. They actively discuss Sildalis. There are numerous reviews, and they are all different. Some people are surprised by the composition. It is unusual and risky. They doubt its safety. Fortunately, experts have already proved it is harmlessness, as well as other patients who have already used the pills. According to them, everything works as it should, and even better than analogs. However, there were no noticeable side effects from men.


This drug provides a prolonged effect in comparison with similar drugs on the pharmaceutical market, like Viagra. As a result of taking Sildalis, the user experiences sexual arousal and prolonged erection even with maximum sexual activity. The effect of Sildalis, as well as its analogs of different dosages, is based on the relaxation of muscle tissue and an increase in blood flow to the male genital organ, due to which a firm and natural erection is guaranteed in the presence of a sexual stimulus.

Why is this drug better than Viagra? First of all, it is different in composition, and this indicates its highest efficiency. Secondly, Sildalis is tested by many clinical trials, during which 100% safety of its application is revealed. It rarely causes negative side effects.


The instructions to Sildalis indicate the following recommendation—do not drink large amounts of alcohol. An excessive dose of alcohol is likely to increase the infrequently observed side effects of Sildalis: dizziness, headache, or increased heartbeat.

The use of Sildalis with a large amount of alcohol can also lead to hypotension (lowering blood pressure by more than 20% of the normal value). The principle of action of strong drink and Sildalis is similar—both of them are vasodilators, and their combination increases blood circulation, heart rate, and lowering of blood pressure.

Small doses and infrequent use of alcohol in combination or in the process of taking Cialis will not cause any problems in most men. Do not abuse alcohol or limit it when you need to take a pill of Cialis.

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