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Sildalis: Drug Guide and Facts

Suffering from sexual dysfunction is something that men find quite embarrassing, which is why patients as well as doctors and pharmaceutical labs never cease to look for the best and most effective way to cure the condition and allow men to have a normal sexual life, or even one that is above-average.

sildalisViagra has become common-place long ago. It may seem like it was just yesterday that people asked for the blue pill discreetly, but nowadays men can talk about it somewhat openly, and some of them are even taking the drug for purposes other than curing sexual dysfunction – to improve their performance or stamina, for instance.sildalis tablets

With the advances made by science and research over the last few years – decades, even – it is now quite clear that common Viagra isn’t the only solution for men with sexual dysfunction. Some of them opt for something like Cialis – also known scientifically as tadalafil – in order to beat the condition.

However, there is yet another option – one that combines the effects of both Viagra and Cialis in order to help men fight these conditions on many fronts at once.

Sildalis – sometimes also referred to as Sildalist – is a drug that combines both sildenafil citrate and tadalafil, and has thus the properties of both drugs. It is touted as a unique medication, which was created by balancing both active ingredients meticulously, as they were said to be incompatible until the Indian pharmaceutical lab that created the composed drug found this delicate balance.

Its active ingredients both work in the same way, as they direct and increase blood flow to the penis, in order to provoke and maintain a powerful erection, so the effects of the combined drug are twice as powerful as those of the original components separately.

This remedy is sold in red tablets, which are meant to be taken right before sexual intercourse, in order to provide or improve a solid and long-lasting erection as well as enhance the man’s lasting power. It will take about 30 minutes before you can feel the effects of the combined drugs, but they are said to last up to 36 hours. That is, in fact, one of the main advantages of this drug, compared to its competitors and the separate components of Viagra and Cialis – the effect is clearly more long-lasting.

Sildalis is nowadays readily accessible through local pharmacies and online, though prices can vary wildly. This doesn’t mean, however, that it is completely safe to buy Sildalis blindly over the counter. In fact, there are some side effects and contra-indications associated with this drug, which is why dosage should be closely monitored and restricted.David statue with erection

It is important to see a doctor before starting any treatment with Sildalis in order to run tests and know both if the drug is actually necessary and also safe for you to take. You may also ask your doctor for recommendations and guidance on how to take the drug in your particular case.

The side effects of the drug can vary wildly. They include drowsiness and vertigo, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea that in some rare cases can get quite serious. Patients with liver conditions should avoid taking Sildalis, for the drug can aggravate those conditions and put the patient’s health at risk.

As with any medication, natural, over the counter or traditional, patients who register any side effects should see a doctor immediately in order to change dosage, reevaluate the course of treatment or even stop it altogether.

The daily dosage of Sildalis shouldn’t exceed 1 tablet per day (100mg sildenafil citrate + 20mg tadalafil) in order for the treatment to remain effective and safe. Disregarding this maximum dosage recommendation can put the patient at risk of suffering an overdose or at least increase the risk of experiencing the aforementioned side effects.

Sildalis is a pretty powerful drug, so caution is recommended when taking this medication, even though its components are well-known and proven to be safe and effective in cases of erectile or sexual dysfunction. It is perfectly understandable to get excited with the prospect of a better sex life, but it is always a case of “better safe than sorry” when it comes to your health.